How we help businesses grow

Tailored to your company’s schedule

You and your staff are in control when learning with us due to the flexibility surrounding E-learning and the ample amount of time arranged to complete the online courses. From the LinkedIn Learning survey, 58% of employees prefer opportunities that allow learning at their own pace; therefore, our courses are available at any time across multiple devices.

Enhancing team performances

Allow employees to learn precise skills and knowledge to improve their performances. To meet the needs of an ever-changing external environment, companies simply have to invest in retraining or prepare to fall behind competitors and become out-dated.

Improve employee motivation

Offering a free programme to enhance the skills of your employees no doubt establishes a sense of value within the organisation, often resulting in loyalty and confidence. The user-friendly approach to our website and courses no doubt will improve each learner’s learning experience.

Boost engagement within the workplace

As a decision-maker within your company, a vital role is to ensure the atmosphere is positive to prevent workplace idleness. Our courses then prompt activity and engagement between your staff, avoiding boredom or thoughts of dissatisfaction. Linking this with the accredited qualifications we offer will instil a culture of success and achievement.

Critical to a company’s financial performance

Whether that is through the result of increased engagement, cutting training costs or employee retention, your company will no doubt benefit financially through free E-Learning. Estimated employee replacement costs can be 150% of the worker's annual salary, we therefore offer the solution of upskilling for FREE.