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A new age for workplace learning and apprenticeships

The UK government now provides funding so that you and your staff can access free or affordable training.

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In a nutshell

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Understanding workplace apprenticeships

Apprenticeships were primarily qualification-focused but in recent years further attention has been placed on enhancing the skills, knowledge and behaviours of each learner on top of the qualification.

The government have identified the needs and potential benefits such training programmes could have on businesses and individuals across the nation, hence opening up this opportunity to all above 16.

Anyone within your business, regardless of experience, can learn and gain qualifications whilst they work.

With an entirely new perception, Apprenticeships have become an essential part of work-based learning hence the reason why we prefer to use the term dedicated workplace training instead. 

How it works

You are probably wondering, how it all works and what costs are involved for your company. This is dependent on the wage bill of your organisation.

We appreciate the apprenticeship minefield can seem a bit daunting but our experienced training consultants will take care of any hassle involved, allowing you to focus on improving your business.

You are required to make a 5% investment whilst the remaining 95% is funded by the UK Government

As you pay the apprenticeship Levy, you have an opportunity to get value for your payments by utilising that expenditure to train and develop your team.

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Training pathways

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